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About Tombo/Lee Oskar (Japan):
TOMBO has the history of more than 80 years since it was established in 1917. The quality of the harmonicas produced with Japanese craftsmanship and venerable tradition is highly evaluated by players all over the world. Tombo is advancing for further quality upgrading in close association with harmonica players in the world.
Tombo Musical Instrument Company produces the finest harmonicas in the world. The superb quality of Lee Oskar Harmonicas would not have been possible but for Tombo's dedication to this instrument andtheir talent, support, perseverance and staff of quality technicians.
About Suzuki (Japan):
World class, high quality harmonicas. Established in 1953, it's a little known fact that the very first product line ever produced by Suzuki Musical Instruments was the harmonica. In continuous production and development ever since, Suzuki Harmonicas have become the most technically advanced harmonicas in the World. Suzuki Harmonicas offer a huge selection of instruments for the casual player to the World's top harmonica players, performers and recording artists.
Suzuki Harmonicas: "New. Unique. Different. Innovative."
About Seydel (Germany) the most oldest harmonica company:
Beginnings- around 1847 (!)
In the 17th century the Seydel family were miners in Sachsenberg-Georgenthal / Saxony.
When mining was discontinued in Saxony Vogtland, the brothers Johann Christian Seydel and Christian August Seydel began working as instrument makers. Both subsequently became approved harmonica makers. This was decreed by the court of Untersachsenberg on October 27th, 1847. The certificate contains the first documented reference to the company, with Christian August Seydel being registered as the company founder. The factory was established in Klingenthal at the foot of the famous 'Aschberg' (literally ‘Ash Mountain’) and was to become one of the biggest harmonica factories in the whole of Saxony.
In 1882 C.A. Seydel died and his son Richard took over.
One year later his brother Moritz joined them and from that day the company was named 'C.A.Seydel Söhne'. (C.A. Seydel and Sons).....more history info:
Seydel harmonicas: "My Sound, My Seydel"